Skin Deep x Makeup

My  skin is acting crazy! Since the hot weather is upon us Atlanta natives,the heat is unbearable. The makeup  and the sweat combined is making me breakout. I didn’t want to dish out too much money for face wash, so my alternative was to try Neutrogena naturals. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done. The reviews for Neutrogena naturals are mixed but for me it works. However, I’m still looking for something to get rid of blemishes. So if you have any suggestions let me know!

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I caved in and added a few makeup items to my oh so small makeup collection.

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I heard so much about Real Techniques brushes and I like them but lets face it, and my budget can’t afford MAC brushes yet. The ironic thing is I bought NAKED Urban Decay Foundation, which retails for $39. Trust me it is one of the best and practically the only makeup foundation that does not break me out.The next thing I bought was Rimmel London BB Cream 9 in 1. I heard BB creams can act as a primer, concealer or foundation, and I wanted to try it out. The last thing I got was Lady Danger MAC lipstick. Is it me or do MAC lipsticks smell like candy?

|A. Saint James|


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