The Loftside of Things

I am ready for a place to call my own. Since I was sixteen, I started searching for places to live in New York city on I would search for hours and was amazed by the decor for the studio and loft apartments. I would dream as a teenager of living in a loft somewhere in Manhattan and enjoying my space while living in the city.




Searching online at different decor ideas for my loft is inspiring me. I love the atmosphere and style  of industrial lofts. I admire  the high ceilings, huge windows, brick walls, and the hardwood floors. I love that lofts have a semi-masculine appeal to them, and you can truly decorate them based on your artistic style. I’m thinking of doing minimalist  black and white decor with hints of neon colors or Moroccan/ Bohemian decor  with different artistic paintings.



Visually thinking about living in my own loft is exciting to me. I love lofts so much I created a music playlist of music I would play in my place. You can check it out here LOFT MIX. I’m already claiming my first place I will own a loft in NYC. Dreams do become reality. Just believe it.

|A. Saint James|

*do not own images*


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