Friends and Lovers- Marsha Ambrosius

I was up late last night doing the usually, browsing through Youtube videos, checking out other blogs, and eating cookies in bed. I was browsing youtube and came across Marsha Ambrosius album “Friends and Lovers.” I remember one of my best friends raving about the album and decided to take a listen.


Baby, let me tell you…this album is a perfect bliss of love! “Friends & Lovers is sexy, romantic, full of passion and pleasure.  Marsha’s voice just takes you there lyrically, and the harmonies and the melodies are pure perfections. This album features a couple of collaborations from Dr. Dre, Charlie Wilson, Skye and Lindsey Sterling. I listened Marsha Ambrosius music here and there, but this album commanded my attention. It’s been a long time since I felt emotionally connected to the album. Each of the slow jams touched my heart and gave me chills throughout my body. Maybe I miss being love and wanting some passion in my life is what is making me love this album even more. Marsha took me on a journey from the high and lows of lust and love. I can feel what she is musically saying and want to experience this lust and love she is talking about again.

Marsha-Ambrosius-Friends-Lovers-Tracklisting I can go on and on, but if you are looking for a good R&B album purchase Friends & Lovers on iTunes or listen on Spotify.

My favorite songs: So Good, Night Time, 69, Stronger, La La La La, Cupid (Shot Me Through My Heart), Run, Spend All My Time, and OMG I Miss You

Sidenote: I wish Kiss & F**k was a full song and not an interlude. It is such a tease!

|A. Saint James|




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