25 Facts About Me

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Hey, it’s A. Saint James and I’m back! I haven’t posted in ages! I figured it’s a new year and why not start blogging again. I really miss blogging. I don’t have any major updates, but I’m working and in good health. Cheers to 2015 and following me on my journey.

“It’s really so simple. What am I attracting right now?” Well, how do you feel? “I feel good.” Well good, keep doing that. -Bob Doyle

  1. I have a degree in marketing from Georgia State University.
  2. I love Paris, France because of reading Madeline as a child.
  3. I’m 25 years old, but mistaken as a teenager.
  4. I love pizza and chocolate chip cookies
  5. I’ve met Janet Jackson and saw her more than once in concert.
  6. I’m fascinated by drag queens.
  7. I’m a picky eater.
  8. I struggle with anxiety and self-doubt.
  9. I love discovering new music to listen to on YouTube.
  10. I love reading fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs.
  11. My escape is laying out on the beach.
  12. I feel safer keeping things to myself.
  13. Sometimes, I dance around in my room like a pop star.
  14. I really love social media and graphic design.
  15. Hinduism and Buddhism are interesting to me.
  16. I can actually paint and draw, but I haven’t done it in awhile.
  17. I’m a Scorpio and born under Chinese zodiac of the snake. (I’m dangerous! lol)
  18. I can’t stand the typical dinner and a movie date…
  19. On every vacation I always order a margarita.
  20. My real name is spell like “Alex’andra” according to my birth certificate.
  21. I like listening to chill and deep house music. (Check out my playlist The Loft Channel)
  22. I was in love once and it wasn’t like romantic movies.
  23. I don’t like to be called “skinny”…it’s insulting.
  24. My first concert was the Spice Girls…GIRL POWER! Posh Spice was my favorite.
  25. My favorite quote is โ€œIf you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?โ€ by Rupaul.

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