Nyx: Intense Butter Gloss

I’m a huge fan of Nyx Cosmetics especially their lip products. I have a few of NYX butter lip glosses and butter lipsticks and received so many good compliments. Everywhere I went people wanted to know what was on my lips. Recently, I was on Nyx’s Instagram to see what new products they had and came across the new Intense butter glosses.

I went to Ulta and Target and they were sold out! So, I looked online at Nyxcomestics.com and thankfully the lip glosses I wanted were not sold out. I bought six of the twelve glosses and they retail at $6 a piece.

 Chocolate Crepe: Deep beige  | Tres Leches: Intense nude| Apple Crisp: Intense bright red


I love my matte lipsticks, but I’m a gloss girl. I have to say these lip glosses are amazing! I’m obsessed with them! They are intense and  vibrant! The glosses I bought apply smoothly on my lips and smell like sweet candy or maybe it’s cupcakes. lol I was impressed that the glosses last all day. I usually line my lips and then apply at least two layers. I would give these lip glosses 5 out of 5 .
nyx swatch1


Spice Cake: Deep plum | Funnel Delight: Intense hot pink |Napoleon: Bright tea rose pink


I really like the applicator because it is  dual sided and flat. This makes it easier to apply the gloss on your lips.


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