The Scented Life

I’ve been into aromatherapy. According to, practitioners of aromatherapy believe that fragrances in the oils stimulate nerves in the nose. Those nerves send impulses to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion. Depending on the type of oil, the result on the body may be calming or stimulating. DSCN0069

In my case, I’m getting into aromatherapy to stimulate relaxation and stress relief. Usually after work I like to burn one of my scents or candles to calm my nerves. I bought three fragrance oils, Relaxation, Patchouli, and Zen from Earthbound Trading Company. Zen is my favorite scent to burn. Every time I inhale Zen my senses go crazy! The smell is incredible. I specifically bought Patchouli oil because it acts as an anti-depressant. It uplifts mood, drives away disappointment, relaxes tension in the majority of people, and feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness simply disappear ( If you have a Earthbound in your area, check out these three scents. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Sage Melon by Richly Scented Candle and Intrepid by Scentsational Candles are two candles I picked up at Marshall’s. Both of the candles smell incredible. Sage Melon is sweet and fruity and Intrepid has a musk scent. Out of the two, Intrepid burns great! The smell immediately penetrates my whole room in a matter of minutes.

|A. Saint James|


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