Tune Into It II

I think I have interesting taste in music. So, I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been listening to lately.


Here-Alessia Cara

Listening to the lyrics of this song I knew I could relate 11o %. For example,

“I’ll be here, somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana with this boy who’s hollering I can hardly hear over this music I don’t listen to and I don’t wanna get with you so tell my friends that I’ll be over here”

Let’s just say I actually experienced this before.


Terrence Loves You- Lana del Rey

It’s emotional song, but her voice with the jazzy production brings the song to life.


Prisoner- The Weeknd featuring Lana del Rey

The Weeknd and Lana del Rey on the same song is pure genius! It’s hypnotic, mysterious and dark.

billie black

Runner Up-Billie Black

Runner Up is from Billie’s third EP, The Simple Pleasure. She’s 19 years old and making incredible music to vibe to. The rhythmic and mellow instrumentals goes really well with her sultry voice. If you are into chill and electronic music,then you should check out her music.


Gold Ghost-BOSCO

Every time I listen to this song I want to turn the lights down, light some candles, and burn some incenses.


No Sleeep Ft. J.Cole

When there is rain in the background and it’s a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production you know it’s going to be good. Janet is back with a new single, No Sleeep, from her new album, Unbreakable. The song is a cool R&B record and featuring one of the best hip-hop artist in the industry. The song is a throwback, but still contemporary. I am excited Janet is back making music and going on tour. I will be seeing her live in concert this year on the Unbreakable World Tour!


When Love Hurts and Save My Soul-JoJo

Who remember’s JoJo? She’s the one who sung Leave Get Out when she was 13 years old and dealt with music label drama in the past. Through out the years JoJo has released great quality music and her new EP, Triangle is no exception. The Triangle EP features three new singles, When Love Hurts, Save My Soul, and Say Love. The EP is a combination of Pop and R&B. Out of the three singles, my favorites are When Love Hurts, an upbeat dance pop song, and Save My Soul, which is an powerful ballad.





|A. Saint James|


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