Upgraded Closet

Hey loves!

This season, I am looking forward to the cooler weather, layering my clothes, chai tea lattes, and playing around with the autumn leaves. I’m also looking forward to doing a little more shopping to complete my wardrobe. I looked in my closet and realized I was missing a couple of things I wanted. So, I felt inspired to create trendy looks to act as my shopping list for the next time I go shopping.  While I was creating these looks, I noticed a couple of things that are trending this fall, and they are…

  1. Cranberry/Burgundy shirts, shoes, coats, and leather jackets
  2. Nude or Caramel and suede shirts, skirts, leggings, and dress
  3. Plaid Flannel shirts
  4. Denim on denim outfits
  5. Fringe coats, shirts, skirts, and shoes
  6. The usually black and grey palette and leather
Cranberry x Nudes


Basic Tones


Strictly Naked


Fringe x Denim
All the sets were created based off of the six things I listed. I know must of the clothing I used are pricey, but I will search for something similar and in my budget to create the look I want.  Regardless, I plan to hit up my favorite places and online shops to upgrade my closet.

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