Really Balenciaga? 

Photo Source

Photo Source

I saw this photo of Rihanna a couple of days ago and thought to myself…”You got to be kidding me!” Basically, Rihanna is wearing mesh Chinese slippers from the beauty supply store. These slippers came out in the 90’s and cost at least $5.99 a pair, and I know this because I had several pairs in different colors. I’m pretty sure Rihanna had a pair herself. However, Balenciaga has the nerve to charge $1,535 for some slippers that are a replica of these Chinese/mesh slippers. Balenciaga debuts these embroidered slippers during Paris Fashion Week, but they know they are wrong for this. If you like to follow trends, head on over to eBay and order a pair. When people ask you if those are the new Balenciaga slippers, just say yes! This is annoying because several designers are known take from the past or different cultures and call it a “trend” and hike up the price.

For example, two years ago Chanel had the nerve to debut “Urban Tie Cap,” which is a du- rag used in the black community to protect the hair, but thanks to black Twitter Chanel was thoroughly educated on their “urban tie cap” and cultural appropriation. Their tie caps never went on sale.

Photo Source

Needless to say, some of these designers are losing touch and apparently need new ideas. Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer ’16 collection was beautiful, but I didn’t care for the knock-off slippers. What do you think?





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