Atlanta Outings x Gu’s Dumplings

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Yesterday was all about new food experiences. I hung out with my cousin Shonna. She treated me out to lunch at Gu’s Dumplings. Gu’s is located inside the Krog Street Market, and it’s an authentic Szechuan restaurant. If you are in the Atlanta Beltline area, this market features several mini bistros, shops and a bar and nightclub. It’s a great destination for new experiences.

Photo source

I know Bubble tea is a popular Asian drink and I heard it was good. I decided to order it, and it’s so yummy and chewy! It’s chewy because of the tapioca balls. I had jasmine green tea flavor.  

For lunch, I had white rice, stir-fried String beans, and to replace the Kung Pao chicken I had spicy Ma La Sliced Tofu Skin. I ate some of my cousin’s spicy dried eggplant and veggie dumplings. I mainly had a vegetarian meal, and it was freaking delicious! It was my first time eating tofu and surprisingly it was tasty. Now that I know I love veggie dumplings, eggplant, and tofu I can add it to my diet. Overall the food was great! The service was pretty reasonably. We waited no more than ten minutes for our food.  It was cooked fresh, hot, and spicy. No MSG! The food is vegetarian and vegan friendly, but Gu’s Dumplings do serve meat entrees. I will be coming back to Gu’s for more and I’m glad my cousin took me here for lunch.

In Krog Street Market, I stopped by Mama’s handmade and bath and body shop. I’m obsessed with handmade soaps. It’s the best kind to get without the added chemicals. I bought one lavender and tea-tree oil soap to bathe with, and I purchased a charcoal soap to use as a face wash. I’ll probably do a little skincare review on the charcoal soap. So, stay tuned to for that.

My cousin and I went to The Collective shop next door to Krog Street Market. It’s a cool shop for knick knacks and they had a huge collection of succulent plants and cacti. I plan on going back to get a few for my room.

Penis cactus…hahaha (inside joke)



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